Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do One-Time Website Projects?

Although we believe it is really important to continuously update/improve your website to be effective, we do offer One-Time Website Projects that will set you up for success. We also offer Ready To Design Websites under $500 for those who are just starting out but want to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Why would I spend over $1000 on a website when I can find someone on Fiverr who can do it for $300?

Although building a nice-looking website has become easier and naturally cheaper, most of the websites offered on Fiverr will not give you all the tools you need to succeed. Typically, these are websites built from a template that doesn’t come built-in with all the features you need for your specific business.

At Digital Marketer Man, we pride ourselves on offering website services that truly add value to a business. Not through vanity metrics like traffic to your website, but customers at your door. This takes serious attention to detail that goes beyond what a template website offers.

What is the difference between a Funnel and a Website?

A Funnel is a much more refined website. They both use domains and require hosting, but a big difference is the purpose each method has. A Funnel usually has a very specific purpose/message and action a user should take whereas a website has more general information on a company and its services. We suggest companies have a healthy and organized combination of both to really take full advantage and you should be capable of building this all in one place. We usually refrain from Build Your own Tools like ClickFunnels, Squarespace, or Wix for this reason as more often than not, you can’t find everything you need in the one service.

Do you offer SEO Services?

We won’t do one-time SEO projects, but do offer SEO Services with our Developer On-Demand Services. Since SEO is typically a long-term strategy that usually requires edits/updates to be made on the website, it made sense to build this into our Developer on Demand package to ensure you get exactly what you need for your business (not just another SEO guy making you crappy content that leads NOWHERE or a guy on fiverr that promised you number one and you were there, but only for a couple days.

What is a Block?

We use a block as a way for business owners to understand effort/time on a project. Hourly Rates are dead and inefficient as it encourages someone to take longer on a project than is needed. Blocks have been the easiest way to keep things efficient and cost-effective for our clients. The easiest way to understand a block is a small project. One Block can take care of a few simple tweaks/fixes/revisions, but the bigger/more complex the project, the more blocks are needed to achieve it. We are very transparent about block costs before a project begins and typically a block includes 2 rounds of revisions.

What is Trackability and Why Should you have it on your website?

Trackability is becoming more and more important as a business owner because if you aren’t taking advantage of better trackability technology, your competition has or will. This is a huge advantage for a business giving them access to tons of data to make educated decisions for there business and Digital Presence to make effective and profitable changes first and fast. 

Are Website related costs deductable?

Absolutely! A website is both necessary and useful for your business. During the pandemic a PPP Loan can be used for a website and oftentimes it is easier to get a business loan when you have incredible digital assets. We also have partnerships with companies that give loans based on followers and aspects outside of credit score. 

How secure are your websites?

Every business requires different types of security and different levels, but we pride ourselves in providing very secure websites that to this day have never been hacked into. We take security very seriously for both you and your users to build further trust. Security is constantly changing especially with the introduction of AI. 

How Are Your Websites Built?

Whether it is a one-time project or constant improvement over time, we use the Growth-Driven Design Methodology to ensure quality work. This can be broken down into three basic phases: Strategy Phase (Discuss/Research everything necessary for a successful launch and continuous improvement) Launchpad Phase, create a very nice/basic website that isn’t the final version, but is an amazing start and already is delivering value to the business (Typically a Launchpad Website is finished within 30-90 days (UPDATE: we have basic websites down to 7 days now!) vs traditional design taking 2+ months with no promise of revisions.) and last, Continuous Improvement Phase, this phase rolls back into strategy, launchpad and comes full circle to continuously make data-driven improvements to further increase conversion rates and encourage more sales adding direct value to a business.

What are your websites built with?

Every project is different and for that reason, there is no one platform that can provide the best solution for every unique problem. We’ve hard-coded websites when it is the best option, but use a handful of Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, and many other tools to build out a seamless experience for both your customer and you. We like to make the website easier on both ends in order to encourage synergy and use a variety of platforms for a variety of solutions to best fit your unique business needs.